Track Review : Raydizz ft Smylie - If Found Please Return to Harare (Rob Macson Remix)

If Found Please Return To Harare is one of those super party songs with an awesome house/afro-beat inspired beat. The song received quite a commendable amount of airplay in 2014, and was played in quite a lot of parties around the country. Rob Macson decided to remix the party song and give it an electro feel.

Rob Macson is a great EDM Dj but is still yet to win me over with his music productions. Will this remix change that???

Differentiating between House, Big Room, still hard for me so forgive me is l categorize this track wrongly. However this remix is more on the Bigroom side. Bigroom is the most popular type of EDM currently and Rob Macson seems to have followed suit. This remix sounds pretty good, personally am enjoying the fact l love it. The rise may not be the best I've heard but good nonetheless. Comparing with other offerings from Rob, l have to say this is his best. Am not a huge Bigroom fan but l enjoyed this remix.

To answer the question from before; this remix has definitely made me warm up to Rob Macson's sounds. A couple of more songs from him that sound this good and l'll be a big fan.



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