Track Review : Mr Boomslang ft Sonni Balli - She's Worth It (Zulu Mix)

Masvingo born Mr Boomslang or Kazz of the Bkay & Kazz fame has released a new jam featuring Sonii Balli. Currently Bkay & Kazz have split up and are both pursuing solo careers. The decision to split is said to be mutual as they both agreed it was time to go solo. Kazz & Sonii last worked together in 2012 on the track afropop jam So Fine, the track was received well by their fans and that led to another collaboration. With the duo collaborating again we cant help but ask how the new track fares compared to the last one??

The new track adopted a dancehall influenced beat which is different to the Afro-beat feel of their previous collaboration. The instrumental however sounds good, it' mixed and mastered very well...its sounding good no matter where you playing the track be it phone speakers, home theater, car speakers. Great work by the producer(s). They sampled the "mbo mbo mbo..." from Margaret Singara's We Are Moving, and it paid off because the song is sounding good.

The track is about praising that special Lady, giving compliments and appreciating when deserved and required. The collaboration worked pretty well, the artists have a great chemistry between them. Kazz offered the sweet vocals whilst Sonii delivered the Mavado kind of voice which fits perfectly with the dancehall nature of the track. This track is guaranteed to get everyone dancing when dropped in the club.

Compared to their previous collaboration its a hard decision choosing which one is better. So Fine will definitely leave everyone in the club sweating, its more party centered than She's Worth It. So Fine is more raw compared to She's Worth It, whilst She's Worth It is more smooth, well mastered and the artists have matured more.....the decision is subjective. Listen to both tracks and comment with your favourite...!!!



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