Album Review : Winky D - Gafa Life

Winky D or Gafaaa as he is calling himself now has released a Kickstape titled Gafa Life. Kickstep is Winky's version of a Mix-tape....l guess, but regardless of what an artist name his/her project we do not care as long as we get to enjoy the music. When he gave out the download link to the Kickstape this is what he had to say :

"The Ninja President details the life of thematic expertise in conquering adversity. The Kickstape is laced with mature and didactic lyrical content that fosters a responsiveness amidst negative forces in life. A true face of ingenuity."

So how good is the Kickstape ???

Will do a review of just three of the tracks on the Kickstape and the other will let you do the reviewing.

  • Woshora (Summer Time)
This is Winky's official summer song  and it was produced by Oskid at Kenako Studios. The song is well produces, Oskid is not putting a beat wrong these days, everything he produces is on point. Love the party feel of the instrumental. Winky gave his usual high level standard performance on the track. Woshora is about enjoying summer, having a blast, the ladies looking sexy in summer wear, the drinks, the food....etc. Also Winky takes some time to applaud himself, shooting down all those who were saying Winky has lost his touch. Great Jam.

  • Ndini Ndaita Kuti
Also produced by Oskid, and as you guessed yes its sounding great. On this track Biggie is just saying he is the best and baddest of them all. Winky D is a Legend and on this song he is rubbing that on the noses of all those who said the new crop of dancehall artists is much better. Responding to all naysayers and making a hit at the same time.....respect.

  • Idya Mari
Another Jam from Oskid. Also sounding great...Big up Oskid. This track is about the big guys, maGafa, those guys that meet a lady in the bar and give her a night of her life, give her a taste of Gafa Life. Not wanting anything in return from the lady but just to show her a glimpse of the big league life. Big Tune.

Download the full Kickstape : Gafa Life Kickstape (Mediafire) or Gafa Life Kickstape (Sendspace)

In overall Winky showcased his amazing wordplay on this Kickstape. For those who wonder how he got to be King of Zim Dancehall, this Kickstape will answer your questions. Also for those who said he had lost his touch, Gafa Life Kickstape will provide for you the response you needed.

Great production on all the tracks, Big up to Kenako Studios and DJ Oskid. Definitely one for the festive season.....enjoy
Proud Zimbo Rating: A (80%)

What are your thoughts on the album??

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