Track Review : Gze ft Alkanemo & Young Red - John Bhuru

Gze is one talented rapper, he has featured in a couple of songs from the beginning of the year and he has killed it every-time he spits on the mic. Came across this song a couple of days back. I realized its causing some damage on the Hip Hop charts and dance-floors all over the country. Am a big fan of Gze and i'm disappointed that this track escaped me for two months.

The track is touted as the biggest Hip Hop tune of 2015. Cuttybeats and Gze are forming a formidable combination, every song they drop seems to be a hit. This song is no exception. Cutyybeats showed his talents on this super instrumental. Cuttybeats is doing superb stuff in 2015, he began the year with the instant classic Mushikashika ft partner in crime Gze.  He is a strong contender for Producer of the year.

Gze is one beast of a rapper, currently l can say he is the best Shona rapper in the country, he is good at rapping in Shona just as much as Tehn is at rapping in English. On this track Gze is talking about his journey from nothing to be where he is now. Like John Bhuru he is fierce about his hustle, he will work hard to make it. This track will solidify Gze as one of the best in the country. Alkanemo gave a seriously dope hook, its so good that by the end of the track you will be singing along. Young Red put in some decent effort, he did quite well pitted against the giants on the track.

The track definitely deserves the praise and the number 1 spot it currently hold on the charts. Super tune. Its early to say its hip hop song of the year, but  definitely its among the best....It has a chance at the honor though.



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