Track Review : Soul Afrika ft Simba Tags - Gule Kwete

Soul Afrika is back again with another jam barely two months after releasing their debut album Ndimi Dzerudo. The album is getting love from all the urban radio stations, with their track Selfish Behavior entering the charts on all the stations. On this new track they collaborated with Showtime rapper and producer Simba Tagz, for this uptempo party track. So how good is Gule Kwete???

Gule Kwete is an uptempo afro beat track. Am not rilly sure but l believe Simba Tagz  was in charge of the production, this is his home ground. Since his award winning Ma1 instrumental Tagz has been developing and growing in terms of making afro beat instrumentals,  he is the best in the country at the genre. The track sounds very good, and you can easily loose yourself to the beat. great work on the the instrumental.

The brothers were in charge of the vocals and they rocked. They complemented the instrumental in a great way. The track is about a dance called "Gule Kwete".... don't know the dance yet but it sounds fun and am willing to try it...hope we get a video for the track tiwone kadance kacho!!!. This is a party track and it can definitely rock any party.

This will be one of the most played track this festive season. The track is already receiving a lot of airplay on radio and l believe its gonna get more airplay in the coming weeks. Great track.



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